The Cholyngham Treasure Trail


Clue No 4


Charlotte heard the sound of a zipper being unfastened, a low laugh from Thea, the susurration of clothing being discarded. Oh God, oh God…Alex and Thea were going to make out on the other side of the gazebo. She couldn’t eavesdrop on them any longer – she’d have to get out of there.
She rose to her feet and took a cautious step across the wooden floor. But, in high heels, the step wasn’t cautious enough: the creak of the floorboard sounded deafening in the meaningful silence that had descended on the gazebo. Maybe she should take her shoes off? Charlotte bent down to slip off her right stiletto, then realised that the heel had got stuck in a knothole. She tugged and tugged at it, but it was too firmly wedged to dislodge without making a noise. There was nothing for it – she’d just have to leave it behind and come back for it later. She slid her left foot out of its shoe, crept down the steps of the gazebo and fled across the lawn like Cinderella fleeing from the ball.

The Cholyngham Gazebo