The Cholyngham Treasure Trail


Clue No 3


Lavinia chose that moment to roll up with Charlotte’s brandy and port. ‘Sorry for the delay,’ she said. ‘We were clean out of Remy Martin, so I had to nip down to the cellar for it.’ She handed Charlotte the brandy balloon and said, with a meaningful look, ‘You know, Charlotte: the cellar.’
‘Oh, yes! The cellar!’ said Charlotte, picking up on her cue and pitching her voice so that the Americans sitting by the fireplace would hear her. ‘Jeepers, Lavinia – I don’t know how you have the nerve to go down there.’
‘What’s that?’ said one of the tartan-trousered Yanks. ‘Is there something in the cellar that you don’t want us to know about?’
‘The Cholyngham ghost,’ began Lavinia in lugubrious tones. ‘The story goes…’

The Cholyngham Cellar