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  Hi! Bring on Spring! 6th April 2006
  The good news (for me) is that after working like a demon to meet a mind-boggling deadline, i’ve decided to take a breather, which means the bad news for you is that you won't be getting updates for a while. Sorry! But you have to admit that i have been good as a girl guide in keeping the website up to date. My webmaster, Rufus, is brilliant at reminding me - even though some months i wonder if i’ll have anything to put up on the net. In that instance, no news is definitely not good news. How scintillating is: ‘Hi! Absolutely nothing happened this month!!!’ However, Rufus didn't need to remind me to include a big THANK-YOU to my fan Natasha, who came to my rescue when i was having cyber problems. Natasha told me one of her favourite incidents in 'Hard to Choos' was when the Cholyngham goats - the 'Gruff Gang' - eat Charlotte's clothes (you can read that particular extract on my Books Page. A certain blogblagger hated it!)    

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Anyway, here’s some more good news: the Italian rights to Hard to Choos have been optioned. Italian happens to be my heroine Charlotte's favourite language (you'll find out why when you read the book!) and i have to say i'm intrigued to find out how they might handle the Italian sex scene... Oh! - and it looks like a film deal might be coming my way J

  Everybody wants to know if i will have any say in the casting, but the answer is sadly L  If i did, i would of course cast the delectable Rory McDonagh (see below) as Alex, and Irish actress Maeve Kirwan has always been a favourite of mine - although i guess she'd be too old now for the role of Charlotte. As for Sophie Burke? Let's just say i don't think she'd be right for the part...  

I'm making plans to revisit Kilrowan some time in 2006. The place was heaving with celebrities when i was there last - a festival was happening, and the craic -as they say there - was mighty. i ran into the above-mentioned stellar Rory McDonagh, and i can tell you with authority that he is officially the sexiest man in the world. i can't tell you too much about our meeting because something rather glorious may come of it, and i don't want to jinx myself... His website is listed on my Links Page.


At a recent publishing event, i found myself sitting beside another bestselling author -Kate Thompson. Her new novel - Sex, Lies & Fairytales - has just hit the shelves (heat magazine described it as 'Addictive, superior chick-lit'), and she very kindly gave me a signed copy. What a rollercoaster of a read! Kate and i found to our mutual delight that we have more than a little in common J  Check out her site! It’s on my Links Page, too.

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i shall be knuckling down and writing something new soon, so wish me luck. And don't forget to check out the pix on the picture galleries (i especially love the ones taken in Ireland). Hopefully, the next pix you see on this site will be of the film première of Hard to Choos!


Bye for now – 

Yours as ever, with loads of ♥♥♥, 



ps: i have changed publishing house! My beloved editor Deborah has left Princessa Publishing to travel the world,  so i have moved to a publishing house - New Island Books - that has recently had a sparkling run of bestseller success. They will be re-issuing my backlist over the course of the next couple of years and we're really looking forward to working together. First off the press will be Hard to Choos (click here to read an extract), which should be available to buy in Spring 2006. Fingers crossed, and wish us Bon Voyage! 

  © pixie pirelli, 2006  

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